Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Shirley Bows

Order: SHIRLEY and specify colors/quantity.
Prices: Small $4 (Approx. 2 inches)
Large $6 (Approx. 4 inches)

Turquoise & White

These are the darling korker bows. Come in infant/toddler size and big girl sizes. (The infant toddler are made with smaller ribbon in shorter lengths.)

Chocolate Brown & Cream

Brown & Blue

Patriotic Red, White & Blue

Pink & Yellow

Valentine's Korker

Candy Cane Korker

Pinks and Brown Korker

I can also just add come cute korker ribbon to any other bow at your request!
Can make in any color combinations!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The McKensey Bow

Order: McKENSEY and specify colors/quantity.

1. Blue with navy polka dots 2. Valentines hearts

These are simple bows wrapped in another color/pattern ribbon.
Come in sizes 2.5in and 4in.
Prices: $2 for the 2.5in.
$3 for the 4in.

Here are some more ideas:

Purple with Easter argyle

Purple with Easter polka dots

Purple with pink squiggly

Purple with Easter flowers

Blue with Easter argyle

Blue with Easter polka dots

Blue with pink squiggly

Blue with Easter Flowers

Pink with Easter argyle

Pink with brown/pink argyle

Pink with Easter flowers

Pink with Easter polka dots

Pink with squiggly

The Possibilities are endless!! Please let me know if there is something you are looking for!

The Stacy Bow

Order: STACY and specify colors/quantity
Prices: $4 for small (approx. 3 inches)
$6 for large (approx. 5 inches)

You also have an endless selection of what item you want to go in the center of your bow. Buttons, rhinestones, flowers, hearts, sports, animals, etc.

These are awesome and so fun! You can choose as many colors/patterns as you like and as many "layers" as you like. The possibilities are endless!!
They come in 3in, 4in, and 5in. The smaller the size, the less layers you should have.